About Us

BRFL is a vertically integrated textile company, engaged in the manufacture of a wide range of fabrics and garments from state of the art production facilities. Apart from being the largest shirt manufacturer in India, we have successfully evolved into a multi-fiber manufacturing company producing fabrics such as cotton, linen, giza cotton, viscose, polyester, tencel, modal, lycra, wool and various blends. With a strong employee base of around 38,000; BRFL is today one of the most sought after name in the Indian as well as international fashion markets.


At BRFL, we aim to become exclusive and efficient with the newest designs and consistent fabric quality.


Our vision is to become an all-inclusive global fashion Apparel and fabric brand, catering to the ever- changing fashion industry.


BRFL has the best-in-industry technology input for weaving finest linen and giza cotton fabrics in pure as well as blended forms. Our yarn dyed fabric, printing techniques, finishing, processing, weaving are a mark of excellence making every piece of fabric perfect. With fabric manufacturing facilities of 100 million meters per annum; BRFL is technologically at its best in India.

  Technological process

BENNINGER – Mercriser, Pad Steam, Print Washer
BRAZOLI – Soft Flow
BRUCKNER – Stenter, Sanforizer, Calendering
KARL MAYER – Sample Warping, Beam to Beam, Creel to Beam Sizing
LA MECHANICA – Fabric Inspection / Folding /
LAFER – Microsand / Ultrasofty / Raising
MHM – Printing
MONFORTS – E-Control Dyeing
MONTI – Grey Batching
OSTHOFF / BENNINGER – Singeing / Preparatory
PICANOL / SULZER – Weaving Looms
THIES – Batch Dyeing

Quality Policy

BRFL being one of the most sought after name in the Indian as well as International fashion markets, our forte is the clothing quality that we weave in our fabrics. The raw materials are always handpicked, that goes through a strict process of quality checking, even before the fabric is started to weave. BRFL has the most technically advanced fabric machineries in the country. After an intricate process of fabric crafting in our state-of-art infrastructure; our experts look and test each and every fabric before they are released from the factory. Quality and designing integrity is always BRFL’s prime focus of attention.