From the lands of EGYPT

Giza Classé weaves in the finest cotton of this world, the Giza cotton. Giza crop is concentrated along the banks of River Nile, The most fertile lands to cultivate finest quality of cotton, which are soft, fine and with a natural lustre. They are also with less lint ie less hairiness. In the terrain of Giza cotton cultivation, river Nile’s presence lends the area with perfect humidity, soil conditions, shade, temperature and water proximity; which lets the cotton gain some unique qualities. It is the longest staple cotton of this earth, while the only cotton to possess a natural shimmer in it. Giza cotton, the “woven poetry” of this world is weaved in sheer delicacy by Giza Classé.

Giza Craft

Giza cotton is collected in a special Egyptian hand-harvesting technique. This process causes no stress on the fibre, leaving each fiber straight and intact.

The Giza crop has extra-long staple fibre. This superior length makes fine yarn without compromising on its strength. The long staple length of Egyptian Giza cotton fibers makes it exceptionally suitable for weaving into finer yarn counts.

The yarn is woven in advanced weaving machine in the one of the largest textile unit. High level of craftsmanship coupled with passion for attaining quality with high precision and delicacy.

After the Giza Classé fabrics, it is treated with liquid ammonia finish for reducing the minimal chance of shrinkage. The care is taken to enhance its natural sheen that gives fabric a rich, silky appearance. and to keep it intact even after several wash.